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Thai Abdominal Massage  / Healing the Hara

Why Abdominal Massage?

There are a multitude of reasons.

Our abdomen is our center of being, our well-being.

Our first memory as a child of our mothers rubbing our belly's whether just to show us affection or to soothe an upset tummy.

Either way, our association is that it felt nurturing and loving.

As we grow, our abdomen goes through changes as it begins to store our life's stories.

Our happy moments as well as our not so happy moments.

The foods we choose to eat, the healthy and the not so healthy begin to show themselves and how they make us feel.

Our abdomen begins the long journey of trying to make us aware of what we are allowing into our lives, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Our intuition is stored in the gut...are we listening?

We may face a medical condition rooted in the gut, needing intervention by medication, surgery, treatments.

Our abdomen and our brains work in sync with one another.  When one is out of balance the other feels out as well.


So Yes, to have a Healthy Hara is of utmost importance!

A Healthy Hara is to have a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit!