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Client Feedback

"Barbara and I met while I was working in a boutique in Doylestown about three years ago and we instantly clicked. I asked her what she did for a living, and so it began. I had been to a great number of massage therapists but no one compares to Barbara’s touch. She has magical hands and a truly uplifting spirit. She is quite knowledgeable in many areas from Macrobiotic cooking to a variety of therapeutic massage techniques. She is a wealth of information and I recommend her to everyone. Once you have been touched by an angel you will never be the same."

Linda S. Dublin, PA

"Barbara Panno is simply the best massage therapist on the face of the Earth! From the moment you enter her studio, you feel relaxed.  Her studio is so pristine and tranquil, that you feel protected from the outside elements.  As she begins her massages, you are transcended into another world. And if you have a problem, she listens to your needs and directs her energy and healing to make you feel better.  Everyone needs some “me time,” so why not treat yourself to the best? We highly recommend Barb with all our heat and soul."

Joe and Carole Smith, Carversville PA

"Barbara Panno offers a sacred, loving and professional space, where I can let go of the outer world and relax into myself.  The moment I am on the table, I feel completely cared for, safe, and at ease.  Barbara’s hands are incredible: strong, firm, yet gently soothing, as though they know exactly what to give my body and spirit. She uses all of her vast knowledge in body and energy work, as well as her intuition to provide massages that are healing and renewing, giving each person their own, unique experience. I would recommend Barbara to anyone and everyone!"

Bridgette K. Ellisville, MO

"Barbara has taught Foot Reflexology and Traditional Thai Massage at the Professional School of Massage in Langhorne.  As an instructor I found Barbara to be knowledgeable and well prepared for all her classes. She was able to bring her extended knowledge of the subjects she taught to a concise one that a beginners’ mind was able to grasp and put into practice.  We felt it a privilege and honor that Barbara was a part of our faculty.  On a personal note...I have received Deep Tissue, Foot Reflexology and Thai Massage from Barbara and am always amazed by her talent in all of these modalities’.  She has a gift she shares, unconditionally, with all of us fortunate enough to have Barb as our therapist."

Beth Scott, LMT, Co-Director PSM

"The purpose of this letter is to convey my most sincere thanks ot the Doylestown business and Community Alliance for affording me the opportunity of performing as Santa Claus this past Christmas season. 

When I was approached by Lynne ann Donchez of "L.A.D. & Co. Hairdressing of Distinction" about the posibility of doing this, I was excited and nervous about stepping into such large shoes (both literally and figuratively). Even up until I tok my first step down State Street towrd the Santa House, I wasn't sure how well I would be received, nor if I would give the town what they deserved.  Those concerns were immediately answered by the cheers and smiles as I made my way through town, and hte joy I felt made every moment worth it.

Each day, as crowds of people made their way through the line, I was overjoyed to see each family's reaction to the "jolly old elf." I received many wonderful compliments, and I cannot imagine a better way to spend a small slice of time with the people of Doylestown. I still have some letters the children wrote; the letters are simply adorable, and I treasure them.

Cathy Hoot was stelar in both preparing for my responsbilities, and for ensuring my supplies were always ample. One evening in particular, she made a special trip to purchase candy canes, as the previous afternoon's crowd proved to much more than anticipated.  On a few occasions, she would stop by at night, and I appreciated this, especiallly on one particularly rainy night, when it was just me and my elf (my ten year old son, Gabriel) for the night.  Cathy was a great help to me, and for this I am very grateful.

Lynne Ann Donchez, and her staff at "L.A.D. & Co. Hairdressing of Distinction" clearly went above-and-beyond in ensure everything was just right.  Prior to each session, Lynne Ann ensured the suit was perfectly prepared and fluffed, that the wig and beard were empeccably in place, and everthing was ready to go.  Knowing that my own children (and their friends) were my elves each day, she even made sure they had snacks! Lynne Ann even went so far as to obtain a 'quiet room' in which Santa could relax between performances (via Barbara Panno of "Keeping in Touch Bodywork & Massage Therapies").  We were treated like royalty each and everyday by Lynne Ann and her staff, and I simply cannot thank her enough!

Mr. Slabinkski, let me assure you that this past Christmas season was an absolute blast for me and my family and, in large measure, we have the DBCA to thank for that.  I would be honored to do this again later this ear, and I hope you will have me.  Thank you again, and kudos for the wonderful work you do in Doylestown!"

Fred M. Conover, Doylestown

" I have been going to Barb for a few years. I also own a Salon, and I and my staff recommend Barbara to all our clients. She has a wealth of knowledge in her field. I highly recommend her for her skills, and her passion for what she does best!"

Maritza Brint, Owner Salon-39, Doylestown

"I have the highest respect for Barbara's education, passion, standards, professionalism and love for what she does. All of those qualities in addition to having truly wonderful interpersonal skills.

Jone' Silk, Client

"Barb is amazing at everything she does. I would recommend her to anyone I know!"

Mary Marcellino Shorten, Friend

"Barbara, is full of enthusiasm and gives encouragement to all. Barb welcomes you with open arms. She has ability to communicate a vision which makes you feel special. I'm honored to have her as my friend."

Josephine Tamburini, Friend

"My husband and I both were regulars at Barb's for massages. We love her. Need I say more?"

Janice Stout, Client

"I have known Barbara Panno for many years, and she has earned the reputation as one of the best massage therapists that you will ever encounter. Being in the "beauty industry", it is important for many of us to have a therapist that understands the aches and pains we acquire while standing behind a chair for 10 to 12 hours a day. If you need a great massage therapist.... ask your hairdresser! I just wish Barb would consider opening a studio on the main line! Simply the best there is... lucky for all you Bucks County people!"

Geralyn Conti, Main Line Hair Stylist

"I love barb's massages! They make the perfect gift!"

Joyce Vollmer, Artist Extraordinare 

Student Feedback

"Thank you for the great experience learning about Thai bodywork this weekend!"

Mary, Student

"Absolutely loved being in your class this weekend! You are a wonderful instructor, Thank you. Sawadee ka!"

Deb Bernheiser, Student

"Thank you so much for what you taught me - I've incorporated some of what I've learned on clients, with positive responses :-) ...I am so thankful for what you taught me!"

Trish, Student